Seminar “Giftedness”: Term Papers Due on March 31!

The term papers for the “Giftedness” seminar are due by March 31. I have already started reading the first papers that came in and will give you a feedback once I’m through with them. You can leave the forms for me to fill in with my secretary, Joana Richnow (Room 4.414, EF 50).

Quantitative Methods: Exam Results

I have corrected all Quantitative Methods exams—check out the BOSS for your results! I was very happy to see a passing rate of about 90% and hope I you felt well prepared with the test exam and my efforts to familiarize you with the question format. Those who didn’t pass this time will have a chance in the semester to come. I will try to offer one or two Q&A meetings right before the exam where you can ask any questions about topics you are uncertain about.

Out of Office from April 4–10, 2017

From Tue, April 4, to Monday, April 10, 2017, I will be participating in two continuing education classes and won’t be available over these days. I’ll be back by Tue, April 11.

Office Hours During the Semester Break

During the term break, my office hours will be held “on demand,” as I am attending some conferences (and will also be enjoying a week off in early April). However, you can reach me via email at any time and schedule personal appointments via Skype. Let me know what you need.

Keynote at the Days of Personality Development (Mar 24, 2017)

I will be giving the keynote “Fostering Creativity in the Schools: At the Intersection of Diagnostic and Didactic Competence”—thanks very much to Prof. Dr. Thomas Mohrs for the invitation! The “Days of Personality Development” are a joint initiative by the özeps (Austrian Center for Personality Development and Social Learning) and the PHOÖ (Pedagogical University Upper Austria). This year, the focus is on creativity as an educational goal and as a competence that is relevant for our future.

ICPS Congress in Vienna (Mar 23–25, 2017)

My colleague, Prof. Dr. Tatjana Schnell from the University of Innsbruck, Austria, is organizing a wonderful symposium on “Intellectual Giftedness—Burdens and Benefits” at the International Convention of Psychological Science and has invited me to contribute a talk on “The Gifted Identity.” Looking forward to meeting colleagues and friends in Vienna!